Experts in the Support of Offshore Installation in Oil & Gas and Renewables Markets

Specialist Subsea Services Ltd (S³) has been founded upon a successful period of development which started in 2007. The management team with investor support are continually looking to take the Company forward on a strong footing.

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Through S³’s expertise and core capabilities in ROV’s, Survey, geotechnical and Subsea Intervention Management including Ship Management, it offers the following services within the offshore oil and gas and renewables industry on an international basis:

  • Offshore installation and construction support services encompassing route and site surveys
  • IRM services
  • Decommissioning services
  • Precise positioning and survey services for construction vessel and drilling rigs

S³'s core competencies relate to its depth of experience in the management and execution of many aspects of the oil and gas activity cycle. These core competencies will ensure that S³ is able to fully meet client’s expectations.

S³’s philosophy and mission is to provide a “life of field” service approach with regards to subsea service provision and turn-key maintenance. Our vision is “to be a company of excellence in our chosen field of activity”. S³ has the capability to manage turnkey projects through its extensive new generation high specification equipment portfolio and ability to access specialised support services through local sister organisations on a global basis.

We believe that S³’s domain expertise in providing turnkey subsea services, coupled with our ability to be agile in business, provides our Clients with increased efficiency and effectiveness.


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